Attention to the participants of the IX stage of the TEMIRADAM Cup!

6 August 2019

The race briefing for Age Group athletes will be held on August 10, 2019 at 18.00 at the address: Uralsk city, Akhmediar Kusainov str., 38, Kurmangazy College of Music, Assembly Hall.

We remind you that participation and listening to the briefing is strictly necessary! Athletes who are absent from the briefing or who are late for more than 5 minutes do not receive starter packs and are not allowed to participate in competitions. Being late for a briefing of up to 5 minutes entails the addition of a penalty of 15 seconds to the total time.

Only athletes who have pre-registered on the KTF website are allowed to participate in the briefing and in official events.

To get the starting number, you must present the original document proving your identity, or a valid license. It is forbidden to receive starter packs by third parties.

Drafting is allowed, road and mountain bicycles are allowed. Timetrial бикесare FORBIDDEN, installation of aerobars that are not equipped with a factory jumper and extend outside the brake levers is FORBIDDEN. The total time limit for passing the distance is 2 hours .

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