Anti-Doping mission of Kazakhstan Triathlon Federation

As an unequivocal confirmation of its commitment to eradicating the use of prohibited substances and methods in triathlon, Kazakhstan Triathlon Federation continues to commit time, effort and energy to its anti-doping mission.

As you are aware, over the years various regulatory mechanisms have been established and implemented to curb the incidence of doping in our sport and in sport in general. All these mechanisms seek to efficiently and effectively deter all triathletes from using prohibited substances.

The use of prohibited methods and substances by athletes in all sports is pervasive and troubling. Still, according to yearly statistics, world triathlon athletes including Kazakhstani sportsmen have, for the most part, respected their duties as athletes under the World Triathlon Anti-Doping Rules, Kazakhstan Triathlon Federation Anti-Doping Rules and the World Code.  This means that the work of the Committee for Medicine and Anti-Doping of KTF is going on the right direction.

Kazakhstan Triathlon Federation shall therefore strive to render its anti-doping mission even more successful in the future as it continues its fight to rid the sport of doping.



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