Sports volunteering in the Kazakhstan Triathlon Federation

The Kazakhstan Triathlon Federation (KTF) announces the start of its volunteer program, under which all registered volunteers are given the opportunity to participate in national and international triathlon events held under the auspices of the KTT with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Today, not a single major sporting event is complete without the effective work of volunteers. The work of the volunteer corps helps to solve a huge number of organizational issues, сreate an unforgettable atmosphere and image of the host at the event, as well as the necessary mood for the participants and a sense of celebration for the guests and its spectators.

Our volunteers will be involved in the following areas:

  • Arrivals and departures;
  • Sports (working directly in the competition area and in areas intended for athletes);
  • Doping control;
  • Protocol and ceremonies;
  • Medical care;
  • Technology;
  • Press and media;
  • Transport;
  • Accreditation;
  • Maintenance of events;
  • Linguistic services;
  • Catering services;
  • Accommodation.

A volunteer who took part in the organization and holding of at least three events, as well as who received high marks from mentors (judges, technical delegates, etc., who were helped), will have the opportunity to go at the expense of the KTF to participate in the TEMIRADAM Cup Grand Final, which will be held on 24 -September 25, 2022 in Aktau on the territory of Rixos Water World Aktau.

KTF creates its own pool of volunteers who are in love with triathlon. Any volunteer can register and enter their data into this pool. Since we hold events in various regions of the country, we are interested in recruiting volunteers from all regions.

If you are interested in developing and popularizing triathlon in our country, as well as becoming part of a large friendly team, gaining unforgettable and invaluable experience in organizing and holding sports events, then we are waiting for you!


Join the KTF volunteer movement! Get registered. There are many opportunities for you to develop and make the Kazakh triathlon better.

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