Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism will graduate triathlon coaches

23 January 2021

For the first time in the Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism, with the participation of the Kazakhstan Triathlon Federation and the Almaty Triathlon Federation, practice-oriented educational program for the training of triathlon specialists 6B01402 "Physical culture teacher and triathlon coach" has been developed, which has passed foreign expertise. KTF General Secretary Maxim Kriat and KTF Sports Director Sergey Mayer acted as experts from the Kazakh side.

The program became known after a meeting held on January 20 at the Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism between the Almaty Triathlon Federation executive director  Ruslan Kogai and representatives of the academy. At the meeting, they discussed joint activities to implement and promote the new program. A plan of career guidance work with graduates of colleges, general and sports schools has been outlined.

The program is aimed at studying the theoretical and practical foundations, the role of triathlon in the sports system; characteristics of the sports included in the triathlon; material and technical support; study of technique and biomechanical aspects.

The meeting participants said that the new educational program is registered in the register of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Academy is ready to accept the first applicants for the 2021-2022 academic year under this program.

“Today triathlon is a popular and growing sport. The priority of the joint activities of our academy and the triathlon federation is to improve the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of triathlon specialists, which is reflected in the practice-oriented educational program developed by us. We are glad to cooperate and thank you for your trust ”, - commented the vice-rector for educational and methodical work, Ph.D., associate professor Nurmukhanbetova D.K.

“The Academy is interested in accepting talented and creative applicants who can achieve high results in education, sports and subsequent professional activities,” she added.

Applicants will study 4 years (bachelor's degree) after school in full-time education. The term of accelerated full-time education based on technical and vocational education is 3 years.

The admission of students is carried out on an educational grant at the expense of the republican or local budgets, as well as payment for training at the expense of the student's own funds or other sources. Admission is based on the results of the UNT, creative exams and interviews.


KazAST is the leading educational, scientific and sports center in the field of physical culture and sports in Kazakhstan. The Academy has trained more than 25,000 specialists who ensure the widespread introduction of physical culture into the life of multinational Kazakhstan. The faculty of the Academy includes: 9 doctors of sciences, 38 candidates of sciences, 20 doctors of PhD, 15 Honored trainers.

Information about the admissions committee is posted on the website www.kazast.edu.kz

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